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”QUANT ENERGO” represents the following companies and may offer:
1. “ISOVOLTA” AG - Austria
    “Isovolta AG” has been established in 1949 in Wienerdorf, near Graz, Austria.
With many manufacturing locations in Austria and several other countries and continents, “Isovolta” has market worldwide and has primate in the field of:
- Electrical Insulation & Technical Laminates:
- flexible insulation materials (slot and conductor insulation) for the producing & repairing of electrical machines in RRT & VPI Technology.
- high-pressure laminates for the electrical as well as machine industry; these laminates comprise various kinds of laminated paper or fabric, fiber glass reinforced laminates, polyester hard mat or melamine-covered laminated paper, as well as various special materials.
- it has to be especially quoted the possibility of processing the laminates according the appropriate drawings making the various machined parts including the most sophisticated ones.
2. “SFE – Sibille Fameca Electric” - France
    “SFE” is established at first as “Fameca” in 1949 and merged in “SFE” in 1998.
- The main products are: safety hand tools for electricians, individual protection equipment (gloves, boots, helmets), equipment for network maintance (insulating mats. ladders, voltage indicators – detectors and stickes) as well as earthing and short-circuit equipment (for low, medium and high voltage).
3. “TUP” D.D. – Croatia
    “TUP” is factory with a great reference in the producing of electro graphite brushes & holders of brushes as well as all kinds of electro contacts.
4. “TRENCH Group“ AG (earlier “HAEFELY TRENCH”) - Austria
    The production program of this multinational company comprises electro equipment for the voltages from 70 kV up to 800 kV:
        - Measuring transformers (current transformers, voltage transformers,
  combined instrument transformers).
        - Power Voltage Transformers (PSVS)
        - Reactors and bushings.
5. “ELSTA Mosdorfer” - Austria
    The main products are: safety hand tools for electricians by “INTERCABLE” – Italy and “LEMP” – Germany.
6. “Pertronic” – Germany; (all kind of the cables by “NEXANS”, “LAPPKABEL”).