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”QUANT ENERGO” is trading and engineering company in the field of electrical materials as well as HV equipment.
It is founded in the Year 1994; owner and general manager is Petar Jov~eski, Mr.Sc. El.Eng.

”QUANT ENERGO” is engaged in engineering and trading with:
1.    Electro & thermo insulating materials; all kind of the cables.
2.    HV protective and safety equipment as well as the tools.
3.    Graphite products (brushes, holders, contacts).
4.    HV measuring transformers and reactors, equipment for power transmission and distribution and its spare parts.
5.    Spare parts for the HV switch breakers (product of “Energoinvest” – Sarajevo (BiH) as well as of “Kon~ar” – Zagreb, Croatia) and so on.

“QUANT ENERGO” is exclusive agency and representative of the following companies:
I. “ISOVOLTA AG” (Austria ) – high pressure laminates, machined parts, flexible insulation materials (slot and conductor insulation for the repairing of electrical machines).
II. “SFE-Sibille Fameca Electric”, France - HV protection equipment (safety hand tools, gloves, boots, helmets, ladders, voltage detectors and sticks, earthing and short-circuit equipment etc.).
III. “ELSTA Mosdorfer” - Austria (“INTERCABLE”; “LEMP” tools).
IV. “TUP” D.D. – Croatia “TUP” D.D. – Croatia: graphite brushes & holders of brushes as well as all kinds of electro contacts.
V. “TRENCH Group AG” - Austria (former “HAEFELY TRENCH”) – HV measuring transformers, reactors, bushings, power voltage transformers, reactors for transmission voltages.
VI.  “PerTronic” - Germany (“NEXANS”; “LAPPKABEL” cables).